Jan 24, 2014

Globe Trotting: Golden Globes 2014 HBO Party

Inside peek at the 2014 Golden Globes HBO party held at The Beverly Hilton's Circa 55.

Costume display from HBO's Behind The Candelabra

Michael Douglas and Time Warner's Jeff Bewkes

Sally Hawkins tries the bubbly

Matt Damon turns on the charm

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Lakiha Spicer with hubby Mike Tyson

Elisabeth Moss flaunts her new bling

Scott Bakula with the writers of Looking, Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh

Julie Delpy enjoying a night out without Ethan

Michael K. Williams wearing the hell out of that suit

Seth Meyers leans in for a listen

3 x funny, Megan Mullally, Will Forte and Nick Offerman 

Jon Voight and son James Haven

Russell Simmons and Shannon Elizabeth

Power couple exits stage left

Hayden Panettire and Niecy Nash share a laugh

Hayden gets a bear hug from The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron

Mathew McConaughey

Lupita Nyong'o and Niecy Nash

CNN's Ashleigh Banfeld and Will Forte

Thanks to Calumet Rentals in Los Angeles for providing a Nikon D4 for the evening

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