Tech Art features the unique design and style of antique motion picture equipment. This collection represents my ongoing exploration of film making technology as art. Past exhibits include the United States Patent and Trademark Museum in Washington, DC., Two exhibits at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, The Arclight at The Cinerama Dome, The Hollywood Entertainment Museum and The Forest Lawn Museum & Gallery.

On a recent visit to Deluxe Labs in Hollywood I got a chance to document the closing of their film processing operations.  These visits represented a new chapter in the Tech Art Series.  In addition to featuring the design and craftsmanship of antique motion picture equipment I will also celebrate the technicians behind the technology.  I like to call it the hands behind the handles to honer not just the gear but also the fading knowledge and skill as film making moves away from film toward digital.

Tech Art 2 on display at the Pickford Center in the Linwood Dunn Theater, March 2012

Write up on Tech Art 2 in the NBC blog, The Scene.  

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences web page on Tech Art 2

Tech Art 1 on display at USC's School of Cinematic Arts open house in March of 2009. Thanks to the support of Dean Daley. The prints were part of a disaplay in the Hugh Hefner wing of the new Cinema Complex.

Post Card announcing the Tech Art 1 opening reception at the Linwood Dunn theater sent to members and guests.

Tech Art 1 reception night I am joined by my beautiful wife Donna at the main entrance of the exhibit. Good friends Nancy Sullivan and Kathleen Noone enjoy the show and a Tech Art catalog. Also joining us is Oscar winner, Alan Heim.

As Part of the USPTO’s exhibit, “Art of Invention – Invention of Art.” Tech Art 1 was displayed in the Atrium Gallery at the Unites States Patent and Trademark Museum.