Inspired by the temporary abstract patterns created in ice, Frozen is a exploration of everyday items trapped in solid water then photographed. Origionally created for the non profit organization Art From The Ashes ( ) to help raise money to rebuild the LA County wilderness areas damaged by the Station Fire. Frozen has exhibited three times for the Art From The Ashes organization and recently featured on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds.

2013 live Frozen demonstration at the Art From The Ashes Photo LA booth.  Attendees got a chance to light and shoot their own piece of ice and see the results live.

"Cold Connection" on exhibition at the Art From The Ashes, Wellness Works education fundraiser

"Bolt" featured on the set of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds"

I was invited to exhibit "Bolt" and "Horns" by artist and founder of ART from the Ashes, Joy Feuer.

"Chickenwire" on exhibition at the second Art From the Ashes fundraiser

Live demonstration of a Frozen photoshoot

Artists and gallery guests invited to shoot their own Frozen photograph as part of a live display of the process